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Welcome to Takelog Systems - the creators of Lumberjack and Takelog.

If you are a Recording Engineer, Tape Operator, Sound Recordist, or Film and TV Music Editor, then our products may be your dreams come true!

Thanks for dropping by, and please feel free to have a look around.

What are Lumberjack and Takelog ?

Lumberjack and Takelog are complete recording session management solutions.

Running on any Windows PC, they handle all the tedious tasks of a recording session - controlling the recording machines, logging start and end times, and printing take lists and box labels. As an added bonus, they also have the most advanced timecode calculators on the market - handling all timecode formats, film rates, delay times, tempos, take durations, pitches, sample rates, varispeed percentages etc.

Takelog, the original product, was developed by Mark Rogers at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London, and has been used on literally thousands of recording sessions with major recording artists, from Rock/Pop to Classical to Film Scores (click here to see a list of some of the artists who have used it). In over eight years of constant use it has crashed only twice - a testimony to the quality of the software engineering.

The same care and attention to detail that made Takelog such a success has now been lavished on Lumberjack, a full Windows application that can control more machines, print a complete range of lists and labels, and export EDLs and Project Files for major Digital Audio and Video workstations. A comparison of the features of the two systems can be found here.

Lumberjack is now being tested at Abbey Road Studios, and will be generally available in 2004.

Both products are incredibly easy to use. Basic operation takes minutes to learn, and you will soon be able to operate them in your sleep. But you won’t want to sleep, because they free you from all the boring chores of recording sessions, and let you get back to the real reason you wanted to work in the industry in the first place - working with great artists, creating great art whilst having great fun!

Lumberjack and Takelog let you concentrate on having fun!

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