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Sony P2
RS232 and RS422

Machine Control using the Sony P2 Protocol

The Sony P2 Protocol is the standard method for controlling recording machines, using a 9-Pin D-type connector. Originally developed for the broadcast industry, it has now become ubiquitous in both the film and music recording worlds as well.

The P2 Protocol uses a single RS422 serial port on the controller device (e.g. the computer) to talk to a single serial port on the controlled device (e.g. the tape machine).

Whilst it is an official standard, most machines that implement the protocol have their own slight quirks and oddities. Takelog Systems' products handle this with ease. Both Takelog and Lumberjack can recognise which type of machine is connected automatically - configuring themselves to use the machine to its best. Alternatively, the user can force the software to think that it is connected to particular model.

The data for the various machines is held in a small file supplied with the software. As new machines are tested by Takelog Systems, these files will be updated regularly and posted on the download page.

The current machine data files contains support for the following machines:

bulletAugan OMX
bulletBasic Sony P2 Protocol
bulletFostex D-10
bulletGenex GX2000
bulletGenex GX8000
bulletGenex GX8500
bulletSony BVU-800 U-Matic
bulletSony BVW-75 U-Matic
bulletSony DMR-2000 U-Matic
bulletSony DMR-4000 U-Matic
bulletSony EVO-9850P Hi8
bulletSony PCM-3402 DASH 2-Track
bulletSony PCM-7030 DAT
bulletSony PCM-7040 DAT
bulletSony PCM-7050 DAT
bulletSony PCM-800 Hi8 MDM
bulletSony SVO-5800P S-VHS
bulletSony UVW-1800P Betacam SP
bulletSony VO-9850P U-Matic
bulletTascam DA-88
bulletTascam DA-98

If the machine you require to control is not listed above, then do not worry, since the P2 protocol is fairly standard, and setting Takelog or Lumberjack to one of the machines listed above will almost certainly control it more than adequately.

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