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Sony P2
RS232 and RS422

Takelog is the complete recording session management system.

It logs takes, prints take lists, and controls recording machines for recording and playback. It has calculators for timecode, tempo, pitch conversion, including all video and film rates. And it is extremely easy to use - the basic operation can be picked up in minutes.

Takelog is a MS-DOS application that runs under any version of Microsoft Windows. It talks to a single recording machine via the serial port

This is a sample TAKELOG logging screen:

Takelog.gif (12052 bytes)

[Click on the image above to see the screen full size]

Information Pages

bulletBasic Instructions for operating Takelog can be found here.
bulletSystem Requirements
bulletTakelog is compatible with Sonic Solutions' Sonic Studio.
bulletSony P2 protocol - how Takelog controls recording machines.
bulletRS232 and RS422 - the boring techie stuff you need to know.
bulletLoads of extremely satisfied users!
bulletDownloads - including the demonstration version and manual

Ordering Information

Takelog costs 300.00 (UK Sterling), and comes complete with the following items:

bulletTakelog software on 1.44MB Floppy Disc
bullet"Dongle" for attaching to the Printer Port
bulletFull instruction manual

Delivery and any local taxes are extra.

If you wish to upgrade to Lumberjack in the future, there is no risk getting Takelog now, because the upgrade price is simply the difference between the price you paid for Takelog and the full price of Lumberjack.

Click here for a table comparing Takelog and Lumberjack

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