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Sonic Solutions Compatibility

One of the major benefits of the Takelog system is that Take Lists created on sessions can be used to help automate the loading of takes onto a Sonic Solutions editing system. Sonic Solutions is the premier post-production tool used by most of the leading music recording companies.

Included with the Takelog software is a Windows utility program that creates Sonic Solutions Project Files from Takelog Take Lists. When the Sonic Project file is opened from the Sonic System Software, the user can select a "source log", which contains the take name and timing information extracted from the Takelog Take List. The user can then make a selection of takes for loading, put the reel onto the tape machine, connect it to the Sonic System, and relax - whilst the Sonic System automatically loads the selected takes onto the hard discs. The loading takes place in the background, and therefore productivity is increased by letting the user carry on with some other editing whilst the loading is happening.

How to Create a Sonic Solutions Project File

Before the created project file can be used on a Macintosh computer, it needs to be modified slightly so that the Sonic System will recognise it as a project file. This involves using an Applescript application provided with the Takelog software.

bulletUse the TAKELOG to Sonic Solutions Project Converter to create the project file on the PC. You will need to enter the name of the Customer, the Project and the Title. The pre- and post-rolls can be set - the default value for both being 5 seconds. Thus a take entry in the TAKELOG take list which begins at 00:01:00 and ends at 00:02:00 will result in a Sonic Project Source Log entry from 00:00:55 to 00:02:05.
bulletCopy the created project file onto a PC floppy disc and insert into the Macintosh.
bulletCopy the file onto the Macintosh internal hard disc.
bulletDrag and Drop the Take List file onto the icon for the Applescript provided with Takelog.
bulletThis will change the File Type from 'TEXT' to 'SPRO', and the File Creator from 'dosa' to 'SSYS'.
bulletRun the Sonic Studio software and open the project file.
bulletClicking on the 'Source' button will reveal a list of the tapes (corresponding to Takelog reels).
bulletClicking on a tape will open it up to reveal each of the take list entries, which can then be selected for automated loading as described in the Sonic Solutions documentation.

Further information on the Sonic System can be found at www.sonic.com

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