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Comparison of Takelog and Lumberjack

Sony P2
RS232 and RS422

Comparison of Takelog and Lumberjack

  Takelog Lumberjack
Number of recording machines that can be independently controlled (using Sony 9-pin P2 Control) 1 4
Automatic configuration to suit attached machine type
Logging of Start and End Times, with automatic calculation of Duration 
Logging of either Control Track or Timecode Track (for suitable machines)
Typical maximum number of logging entries in a session 2000 no limit
Automatic writing of Take Number as a Program Number ID to suitable DAT machines
Automatic writing of New Take event to Genex machines
Automatic writing of False Start and End Point events to Genex machines  
Extremely easy to use transport controls
Print Takelists
Print Box Labels and Track Sheets  
Multitrack Track Sheets  
Customisable Lists and Labels  
Print Preview  
Save Reports and Labels as Adobe PDF, HTML or Text  
Print to HP Laserjet and Canon Bubblejet compatible printers  
Print to any Windows compatible printer  
Timecode/Film Converter
Pitch Converter
Tempo/Click Converter
Time Calculator  
Timecode/Tempo/Film Calculator  
Session-based file format  
Project-based file format (Microsoft Access compatible)  
Export Sonic Solutions Project Files
Export EDL files  
Import Takelog 1.07 takelist files  
Install saving and recall of favourite window layouts  
"In-cell" editing of data  
Import Text and RTF files into Comments field (for film and TV spotting sessions)  
Search and Replace  
Video insertion using CueLine box  
Diagnostic Screen  
MS-DOS application running in a DOS Window under Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP  
Full 32-bit Windows application running under Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP  
Price 300 t.b.a.

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